Day 1 - Growing Organisation and Developing Self

Thursday - 14 July 2016

Growing Organisation and Developing Self

A Half Day Seminar Brought to you by Singapore Training and
Development Association (STADA)

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Conducted in
English Language

Developing Organisations starts with Developing People.
This seminar focuses on corporate values, relationships, product and service delivery processes and systems.

Who should attend?
Senior Management, Heads of Departments and Managers from the Travel & Hospitality Industries and Retailers.

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1pm – 3pm


Mr Ong Teong Wan

Chairman / Managing Consultant,

ManagementWise (International) Pte Ltd
Founding President 

A Results Management System for Business Differentiation and Integration

(The Human Side of Enterprise Productivity)

  • Introduction: Content of the Business and Process of the Business
  • Differentiation is 9/10 below the Iceberg
  • Core Competencies for Installing a Results Management System
  • Performance Measurement: Measure not just Efficiency but also Effectiveness at the Organisational, Operational and Individual Level to achieve labour cost-effectiveness
  • Performance Management: Managing for Commitment not for Compliance
  • Performance Management: Diagnosing Performance Problems with Performance Coaching and Performance Counselling
  • Performance Evaluation: Diagnostic and Summative Evaluations of Work in Progress and Work Completed
  • Innovating at the Work Place: Productivity and Innovation go hand in hand

3pm – 3.15pm

Networking Teabreak 

(Seminar Delegates Only)


3.15pm – 5.15pm


Mr Andy Stangenberg

Founder, CEO
Q- Principle

Author and Life Coach

The Spirit of Service – Service as a Life-skill

We can only share what we have. Before we can display effective service principles towards others we need to upload our own values and belief systems first. This cornerstone workshop on service and cultural strategies will set the tone and reveal the principle for creating a sustainable service initiative. It can be seen as the ‘DNA” and will help set the “Pulse” for self-discovery, and promotes change abilities as it relates to service, creativity and team cohesiveness.


This high energy program is designed to kick off the initiative with a positive yet challenging topic as it relates to service philosophies and the responsibility we carry to display service as a role model.



  • Motive and reason (buy in) (We can only share what we have)

  • Oh  no….I have to go to work (Service inhibitors)

  • The past, present and future (Letting go is not equal to giving up)

  • Pride, self-respect and confidence (Confidence is measured in trying)

  • Bio-magnetic energy (How our “vibes” contribute to the way others feel about us)

  • Service as a life skill (The four step formula) 

  • The art of creative thinking (Service in 3-D)

  • Frustration Management (Regulating skills)

  • The “true” value of a team (Team exercise)

5.15pm – 6pm

 End of Seminar and Visit to the Exhibition

*Note: Programme is updated as at 6 May 2016. The organiser has the rights to change the content without further notice.


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